About Measure K

In Napa County, we are fortunate to enjoy some of the most beautiful natural open space our region has to offer. Our vast natural areas, extensive trails, streams and wildlife help make Napa County a wonderful place to live and improve the quality of life for us all.

Protecting Our Local Water

Protecting the quality of our water is becoming increasingly important, and we need this local measure to protect our local water supply in Napa County and protect the quality of water in many of our rivers, creeks and streams.

Protecting Open Space & Preventing Wildfires

This measure would protect over 20,000 acres of watersheds, rolling hills, creeks and open space right here in our community, protecting essential natural areas and wildlife habitat. Maintaining open space lands and managing forests are a critical component of reducing wildfire risk and keeping our neighborhoods safe.  

Protecting Napa County for Future Generations

We must act now to protect Napa County’s natural areas, parks and water. The longer we wait to make these essential protections, the more expensive it will be. Without Measure K, unprotected natural land could eventually be lost to development and gone forever, causing even more overcrowding, traffic and demand for water. This measure is the only way to protect our essential open space and natural wildlife for generations to come.

Vote YES: Preserve Local Water and Open Space

  • Reduce wildfire risk through improved vegetation management

  • Protect drinking water and water quality in Napa County rivers, lakes, creeks and streams by acquiring, preserving and restoring watersheds

  • Protect natural open spaces and wildlife habitat 

  • Maintain parks and trails, including larger natural parks and city parks

This Measure Would Give Napa County Local Control over Local Needs

  • Independent citizen oversight would ensure all funds are spent as promised

  • Annual financial audits would be required

  • Every penny would stay in Napa County

  • No funds could be taken away by the State

Measure K Helps Protect Our Agricultural Heritage

More funding means more protection of both ranch lands such as Suscol Headwaters Preserve & farm and vineyard lands near the urban limit lines around our cities to help preserve these agricultural spaces forever.

Tourists Pay their Fair Share

Tourists from outside our area would pay more than one third of the total fund to protect our water and open space in Napa County. Plus, this measure would help ensure our county gets its fair share of State and Federal matching funds.

Protect Napa County Water, Parks and Open Space, Yes on Measure K, 1700 Soscol Avenue, Suite 20, Napa California 94559, FPPC# 1421481.